PGMI Students Presented Their Research Findings During the 2022 PD-PGMI Event

PGMI UIN Malang – The Annual Meeting and National Conference of the Indonesian Association of Elementary Islamic Teacher Education Lecturers (PD PGMI) is an annual gathering held by PGMI lecturers throughout Indonesia. This year, UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta had the opportunity to host the meeting titled “Annual Meeting and National Conference of the Indonesian PD PGMI”.

As part of the event held from September 9 to 10, 2022, in Yogyakarta, one of the agenda items was a presentation of proceedings by participants. During this activity, two PGMI students from UIN Malang, Putri Nur Faizah and Kulsum Ulfa, who were part of the collaborative research team of lecturers and students from the Faculty of Islamic Education and Teacher Training at UIN Malang, had the opportunity to present their research findings entitled “Development of Flannel Board Based on Islamic Stories to Enhance Speaking Skills of Students in Madrasah Ibtidaiyah” to the PGMI lecturers from all over Indonesia. The flannel board media presented had undergone validation by experts. This media has been proven to enhance the speaking skills of fourth-grade students at MI Roudlotul Ulum in Malang Regency. During the meeting, they also showcased their research product, which was an Islamic story-based flannel board, including character dolls and a user guide book.

Maryam Faizah, M.Pd.I., the head of the research team and the mentor of the research, expressed that this activity can train students’ public speaking skills and enhance their experience and knowledge. “Activities like this are very beneficial for students like them. Besides improving their public speaking skills and self-confidence, Putri and Kulsum will also receive certificates as presenters and authors of national-scale proceedings, which they can include in their Study Credit Transfer as a requirement for graduation,” said the lecturer and PGMI program coordinator when interviewed at the Ballroom of Hotel New Saphir, Yogyakarta, on Saturday, September 10th, in the evening. “My message to other PGMI students is to stay active in academic activities, whether it’s organizations, competitions, or research like this. Your involvement will not only benefit yourselves but also contribute to our beloved program, PGMI,” she added. Through this activity, it is hoped that PGMI UIN Malang can gain recognition at the national level and enhance the quality of PGMI UIN Malang’s profile.

– UNGGUL Bersama, PGMI Jaya –