The department provided a report on the activities of the year 2022 to the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs as evidence of the responsible management of the program.

PGMI UIN Malang – Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah, the academic report for the PGMI program for the year 2022 has been completed. This academic report is an essential part of the program’s responsibilities and duties towards UIN Malang, particularly the Faculty of Islamic Education and Teacher Training (FITK). With the completion of the academic report for the year 2022, it is hoped that it will assist and serve as a guide for the program’s activities in the following year (2023), ensuring the continuity of the program’s goals and expectations. The academic report will serve as an evaluation of the program’s work in 2022 and a foundation for the program’s activities in 2023. The report encompasses all academic activities, student activities, program activities, as well as facilities and infrastructure reports, up to student graduation reports.

As an academic performance report for the program throughout 2022, there are some activities that have not been maximally implemented, such as improving student achievements. However, the execution of academic activities and the adequacy of facilities and infrastructure have been smooth and satisfactory. Essentially, this academic report still requires improvement and the support of all parties to enhance the program’s performance in 2023 and achieve all the learning objectives. May this academic report serve as evidence of the PGMI program’s achievements in the future.

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