Prior to the Start of the Even Semester 2022-2023, PGMI Lecturers Participated in the Initial Coordination Meeting for the Upcoming Academic Activities

PGMI UIN Malang – Prior to the start of the Even Semester 2022-2023, PGMI lecturers attended the initial coordination meeting, which focused on the concept of learning in the post-pandemic era. The meeting, led by Dean of FITK, Prof. Dr. Nur Ali, M.Pd., along with the faculty deans including Vice Dean I, II, and III, provided inspiring insights to all attending faculty members responsible for teaching courses in the Tarbiya Faculty.

The coordination activity also featured the presence of Vice Rector I, Prof. Dr. Umi Sumbulah, M.Ag., who provided guidance on teaching policies in the university. This mandatory pre-semester meeting aimed to align perceptions and deeply disseminate information, especially regarding faculty members’ responsibilities and the teaching process, ensuring smooth execution and alignment with the university’s goals and objectives.

The third address was given by Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Walid, M.A., who motivated all FITK faculty members to embrace UIN Maliki’s distinctive teaching culture. This includes practices such as reading short letters at the beginning of the first-hour class, conducting hybrid learning that allows both online and offline teaching with a 35/65 percent ratio, and implementing BSP (Project-Based Learning) as the foundation of teaching.

For PGMI lecturers, this meeting or coordination session served as inspiration in determining teaching methods that align with the KKNI (Indonesian National Qualifications Framework) or Merdeka Belajar curriculum. During the coordination, each faculty member was also provided with teaching support tools, such as class schedules, teaching journals, teaching contracts, and supporting equipment like HDMI cables and pointers for presentations, significantly facilitating the teaching process.

In the coordination meeting, several questions were raised by faculty members, including one posed by Prof. Dr. Sutiah, M.Ag, who inquired about the appropriate learning system, which should be aligned with the context and objectives set in the curriculum to ensure effective teaching and learning. The activity, which lasted for 2.5 hours, concluded with a prayer led by Dr. Sudirman., M.Ag