Sixth-Semester Students Participate in the Technical Guidance for Writing Scientific Papers

On February 27, 2023, the PGMI (Islamic Education Management) Program at UIN Malang organized a Technical Guidance for Writing Scientific Papers event. The event was divided into two sessions, a morning session and an afternoon session. The program began with an opening ceremony where Bintoro Widodo, the head of the PGMI Program, delivered a speech highlighting the importance of the event. His speech motivated the students to participate actively and enthusiastically in the series of activities. Muhammad Walid, the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, also gave a speech and officially opened the event.

The first session focused on the topic of Writing Nationally Reputable Scientific Papers. During this session, Prof. Dr. M.E. Winarno, M.Pd, provided guidance to the students on how to write scientific articles that can be published in national journals, including Sinta 2 and Sinta 3 indexed journals. He shared tips and tricks on how to write articles effectively to avoid rejection by reviewers. The first session concluded at 11:30 AM.

After a break, the second session commenced at 12:30 PM with two speakers. Alfan Nur Azizi, M.Pd, delivered a presentation on the proper techniques for writing a Skripsi (thesis). He pointed out common mistakes and typos made by students while writing their theses and emphasized the importance of being meticulous in academic writing. He also outlined the specific steps in writing a thesis, particularly within the PGMI Program.

The next speaker was Sigit Priatmoko, M.Pd, who discussed Research Instrument Preparation. This topic was essential as it addressed how students should develop research instruments. Many students often struggle to create their research instruments and end up using inappropriate examples from seniors. Sigit Priatmoko provided valuable insights and guidance on this matter.

The event concluded at 4:00 PM, and the students expressed their satisfaction with the Technical Guidance for Writing Scientific Papers program.