PGMI organized the Proposal Examination in March 2023.

PGMI UIN Malang – The proposal thesis examination activity for the PGMI study program in March 2023 was conducted for all students of the Faculty of Islamic Education and Teacher Training, who were in their 7th semester or above and had prepared their thesis proposals. The event took place on one day, Friday, March 10, 2023, in two different rooms: Meeting Room on the 2nd floor of Megawati Building from 08:00 AM to 02:00 PM, and Lecture Room on the 2nd floor of Megawati Building from 08:00 AM to 04:30 PM. There were 26 students participating in the proposal thesis examination, and they were evaluated by 15 examiners who also served as both the first and second examiners as well as thesis advisors.

The thesis proposal examination for the March 2023 period was attended by 26 participants out of 26 applicants. The following are the names of the students who participated in the proposal examination: Winda Fitriana, Siti Salwa Lita Azizah, Arinal Husnayain, Fakhintan Ilza Karengga, Nilna Zidha Mahya, Annas Arofatun Nahri, Nurul Isma Azizah, Suci Kurnia, Syafa’atul Muchromiyah, Anis Latifah, Risky Alimudin, Fadhilatus Safriana, Indah Fatimatur R, Nur Maulana Faqih, Ajeng Dwi Nur ‘Aini, Salsabila Dewi Nur Aliyya, Mardiah, Naulah Azizah, Mochamad Kahfi Ali, Isma Mulia Alifiana, Abdul Chalim Sholeh, Eva Lulu Tri Wardani, Silvia Nanda Sari, Azizah, Hibbatul Hindam, and Annisa Vebrilian Nurlaely.

A total of 26 students who participated in the examination have been declared to pass with revisions and can proceed to the research and thesis writing stage after completing the proposal revision phase.

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