Ready to Guard the Merdeka Curriculum, PGMI Program at UIN Malang Supports MI Teacher Working Groups in Kota Batu

PGMI UIN Malang – The Merdeka Curriculum is a new curriculum promoted by the government to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. This curriculum was initially implemented in educational institutions under the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud). Starting in 2022, educational institutions under the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag) began to promote the Merdeka Curriculum as their school curriculum.


The activity took place at MI Miftahul Ulum in Batu on Friday, January 7, 2023. Together with the first and fourth-grade teachers from MI schools in Kota Batu, three lecturers from PGMI UIN Malang, namely Maryam Faizah, Nurlytha, and Yuli Sri Indah, presented the Implementation of the Merdeka Curriculum. During the session, they provided an initial introduction to the concept of the Merdeka Curriculum, highlighting the differences between the Merdeka Curriculum and the previous 2013 curriculum.


This activity marks the beginning and will continue until all the materials are well presented. With this activity, it is expected that MI teachers can effectively implement the Merdeka Curriculum in the teaching and learning process. The goal is to enhance the quality of education and create a more student-centered and innovative learning environment in MI schools. PGMI UIN Malang remains committed to supporting and guiding MI teachers in implementing the Merdeka Curriculum and improving the overall educational experience for students.

The PGMI program at UIN Malang is actively involved in supporting the MI Teacher Working Groups (KKG MI) in Kota Batu to ensure the successful implementation of the Merdeka Curriculum. The Merdeka Curriculum, which emphasizes student-centered learning and the development of critical thinking skills, requires collaborative efforts from various stakeholders, including teacher educators.


PGMI UIN Malang acts as a facilitator and collaborator in the process of implementing the Merdeka Curriculum in MI schools in Kota Batu. The program provides guidance, training, and resources to MI teachers through KKG MI activities. These activities include workshops, seminars, and discussions on curriculum development, innovative teaching methods, and assessment strategies aligned with the Merdeka Curriculum principles.


The aim of this collaboration is to enhance the capacity of MI teachers in implementing the Merdeka Curriculum effectively. PGMI UIN Malang shares its expertise and knowledge in pedagogy, curriculum design, and educational innovations to support the professional growth of MI teachers. Through this partnership, PGMI UIN Malang ensures that MI teachers are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver quality education in accordance with the Merdeka Curriculum’s goals and principles.


By actively engaging with KKG MI in Kota Batu, PGMI UIN Malang demonstrates its commitment to promoting educational excellence and supporting the implementation of progressive teaching and learning approaches. The collaboration between PGMI UIN Malang and KKG MI contributes to the overall improvement of MI education in Kota Batu and empowers MI teachers to become agents of change in their classrooms.