PGMI UIN Malang Withdraws Internship Students from MI Nurul Ulum Arjosari

PGMI UIN Malang has made the decision to withdraw its students who were undergoing their internship program at MI Nurul Ulum Arjosari. This decision was made in response to certain circumstances or considerations that have led to the need to terminate the internship program at that particular institution.

The internship program is an integral part of the educational experience for PGMI students, providing them with an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting and gain practical teaching experience. However, due to the circumstances, it was deemed necessary to withdraw the students from MI Nurul Ulum Arjosari.

PGMI UIN Malang remains committed to providing its students with a valuable and meaningful internship experience. Efforts will be made to ensure that alternative arrangements are made for the affected students, either by placing them in other suitable institutions or by providing alternative learning opportunities that align with the objectives of the internship program.

The decision to withdraw the students from MI Nurul Ulum Arjosari was made after careful consideration and consultation with relevant stakeholders. The welfare and educational development of the students are paramount, and steps will be taken to minimize any disruption to their learning experience.

PGMI UIN Malang appreciates the understanding and cooperation of all parties involved in this matter. The institution remains dedicated to maintaining high standards in its internship programs and ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the educational experiences provided to its students.