In observance of the Islamic New Year, HMPS PGMI UIN Malang Held a Collective Prayer Event

PGMI UIN Malang – July, 18 2023 – In observance of the Islamic New Year 1445 H, which falls on July 18, 2023, HMPS PGMI held a collective prayer event with the theme “momentum of evaluation and self-reflection to become better individuals.” The event took place both online via Google Meet and offline on the balcony of Building B, 2nd floor, starting at 4:00 PM WIB. The event was attended by all PGMI members, from the 2021 to 2023 cohorts. This yearly event of New Year’s prayer is a tradition, where we offer prayers to seek forgiveness from Allah SWT for any past wrongdoings and to seek blessings and abundant provisions for the upcoming Hijri year. By reflecting on our actions, we aspire to become better individuals.