FITK UIN Malang Holds Period 2 Year 2023 Yudisium

PGMI UIN Malang – June 21, 2023, FITK UIN Malang recently conducted the Yudisium for the second period of the year 2023. Yudisium is a formal ceremony held by educational institutions to confer degrees and acknowledge the academic achievements of graduating students. During the Yudisium ceremony, the faculty members and university officials gather to recognize the hard work and dedication of the graduating students. The event serves as a culmination of their academic journey and marks the successful completion of their respective study programs. The Yudisium at FITK UIN Malang is a significant event that honors the students’ academic achievements and celebrates their transition into the next phase of their lives. It provides an opportunity for students to reflect on their academic journey and celebrate their accomplishments with their peers, faculty members, and families.

The Yudisium ceremony includes various elements such as speeches, award presentations, and the conferral of degrees. It is a momentous occasion that symbolizes the students’ readiness to enter the professional world or pursue further education. FITK UIN Malang takes great pride in organizing the Yudisium ceremony as it signifies the successful culmination of the students’ academic endeavors. The event also reinforces the institution’s commitment to providing quality education and producing competent graduates. Overall, the Yudisium at FITK UIN Malang is a memorable event that not only recognizes the achievements of the graduating students but also serves as a motivation for the future generations of students.