PGMI Students 2020 Cohort Participated in the Opening Event of the Scout Work System Activity

PGMI UIN Malang – August, 1 2023 – The 2020 batch of students participated in the opening event of the Scouting Pandu Work System. This activity was conducted to prepare the students who will be involved in the Scouting activities for approximately one month. The opening event began with the singing of the Indonesian national anthem, “Indonesia Raya,” and the recitation of the Scout’s Ten Ideals (Dasa Dharma Pramuka).

Following that, Dr. Zakiya Arifa, M.Pd, the Scout advisor, delivered a speech. In her address, she emphasized the importance of participating in Scouting activities for PGMI students who are planning to pursue their future careers. She also expressed the hope that the PGMI students would feel comfortable and at ease while participating in the upcoming Scouting activities

Accompanied by the Secretary of the PGMI Study Program at UIN Malang, Maryam Faizah, M.Pd.I., the Head of the PGMI Study Program, Dr. Bintoro Widodo, M.Kes, delivered a message to the 2020 batch of students, urging them to participate in the Scouting activities with enthusiasm and commitment until the end of the program.”

The opening event of the Scouting Work System ran smoothly and also marked the commencement of the Scouting activities for the 2020 batch of PGMI students.