Ready to participate in Scouting Activities, Students from Class D Took the Pre-Test to Sharpen their Skills

PGMI UIN Malang – August, 2 2023 – PGMI UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang has successfully carried out the mandatory Scouting activity. Following yesterday’s event, which was the opening ceremony of the Scouting activity, today, the Pre-Test on the Scouting Guiding System and Training for Front Group Members was conducted. The Pre-Test consisted of 50 questions and was administered to all classes. The purpose was to assess the students’ understanding of Scouting, ranging from basic knowledge to advanced levels.

For Class D, the activity was facilitated by Kak Suci. Kak Suci introduced herself and shared her current activities and interests. Then, the students proceeded to complete the Pre-Test, which lasted for one hour through a Google Form. After completing the Pre-Test, the students will receive their test scores to know their performance.

Afterward, to get to know each other better, each student introduced themselves by stating their nicknames, their previous schools, and their hometown addresses. Then, Kak Suci initiated an ice-breaking activity that involved clapping hands, singing, and stomping feet. The activity was divided into two groups, the right group and the left group. When we sang, the lyrics overlapped, creating a harmonious and lively atmosphere. This ice-breaking activity can be used when we teach Scouting. It made the class appear more vibrant and cheerful.