Class A Takes Pre-Test Before Commencing Scouting Activities

PGMI UIN Malang – August, 2 2023 – Today marks the first day of the ‘Scouting Guiding System’ series of activities, which is mandatory for all 7th-semester PGMI students for the next month. The event is organized by the PGMI Program in collaboration with the Scouting UKM at UIN Malang, with the aim of equipping PGMI students to become proficient educators in Scouting. Prior to this, the Opening Ceremony was held on Tuesday, August 1, 2020, at the Microteaching Hall, 2nd floor, to provide orientation to the 2020 batch of PGMI students regarding the upcoming activities.”

The initial meeting activity was held in Room 201 of Building A, accompanied by Kak Jauzi. During this activity, a contract was explained for the next month to foster cooperation between both parties. Additionally, to assess the students’ understanding of scouting, the scout instructor conducted an online Pre-Test, which served as an initial assessment of the students’ knowledge and would help the instructor tailor the subsequent materials. The Pre-Test can still be retaken, even if the students had previously completed it, as it serves as a practice tool to enhance their understanding.