The Pre-Test of Scout Activities was also Participated by Students from Class E

PGMI UIN Malang – August, 2 2023, The 2020 batch of PGMI students at UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang conducted a Pre-Test for Scouting and Guiding Work System and Front Group Member Training. The purpose of this Pre-Test was to assess the students’ knowledge and skills in Scouting and Guiding. All students from the 2020 batch of PGMI at UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang participated in the Pre-Test, and they were divided into five classes, labeled from A to E.

The Pre-Test consisted of 50 questions covering Scouting and Guiding topics, ranging from the Siaga level to the Pandega level. The students completed the Pre-Test individually through a Google Form that was provided. For Class E, they were assisted by Kak Naim and Kak Faiza from the Scouting UKM Racana. The class started at 08:15 AM and ended at 09:45 AM. The students had unlimited time to complete the Pre-Test as long as they remained in the class, but they were encouraged to finish the test at least 30 minutes before the class ended.”

To fill the time after the Pre-Test, Kak Naim and Kak Faizah conducted an ice-breaking activity to liven up the atmosphere in the classroom. After that, they selected a few students to perform ice-breaking activities in front of the class to foster camaraderie among the students. The students who performed the ice-breaking activities were Kak Farid, Kak Thalia, and Kak Roma. The ice-breaking activities included hand clapping games, vocal exercises, and concentration tests. The classroom atmosphere became lively, and everyone in the class could laugh freely after completing the mentally challenging Pre-Test. When the learning time was over, the class ended with a prayer and greetings.