FITK UIN Malang Held Yudisium on November 2023

PGMI UIN Malang – FITK UIN Malang has conducted a graduation ceremony for the third period of 2023. Students who have successfully completed their thesis or final project will undergo one of the processes before graduation, namely the graduation ceremony or “yudisium.” Yudisium is the announcement of grades to students, serving as the final assessment process for all courses taken by the students and the determination of grades in the academic transcript, including the designation of honors such as cum laude.


The FITK UIN Malang graduation ceremony is a meaningful event for students who are about to graduate. During this event, students are appreciated for their outstanding achievements throughout their studies. It is an opportunity for them to replay the beautiful memories of their academic journey and celebrate success with the entire FITK UIN Malang family.


The sequence of the graduation ceremony includes speeches, award presentations, and degree confirmation. This stage provides a moment for students, symbolizing their readiness to enter society and pursue their life goals. The graduation ceremony is well-organized and memorable, with FITK UIN Malang expressing pride in arranging the event as a form of support for students’ success in completing their education.


The FITK UIN Malang graduation ceremony not only recognizes high-achieving students but also provides support and best wishes for all students. The institution is committed to continuing to provide quality education to produce competent graduates.


– Unggul Bersama, PGMI Jaya! –