Strengthening Collaboration, Jurnal MADRASAH Establishes a Cooperation Agreement with PD-PGMI Indonesia

PGMI UIN Malang – Solo, January 28, 2023 – In a bid to enhance collaboration and foster academic exchange, Jurnal MADRASAH has recently entered into a cooperation agreement with PD-PGMI Indonesia. The agreement aims to strengthen the partnership between the journal and the organization, facilitating the dissemination of scholarly research and promoting academic discussions in the field of Islamic education. Under this cooperation agreement, Jurnal MADRASAH will actively seek contributions from PD-PGMI members, encouraging them to submit high-quality research articles, literature reviews, and other relevant scholarly works. The journal will also provide a platform for PD-PGMI to showcase its research findings and initiatives through special issues or thematic sections dedicated to PD-PGMI-related topics.

Furthermore, Jurnal MADRASAH and PD-PGMI will collaborate in organizing academic events such as seminars, conferences, and workshops, which will provide opportunities for scholars, researchers, and practitioners to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and engage in meaningful discussions. This partnership aims to foster a vibrant academic community and contribute to the advancement of Islamic education in Indonesia. Both Jurnal MADRASAH and PD-PGMI are committed to working together to promote research excellence, enhance scholarly collaboration, and elevate the quality of academic publications in the field of Islamic education. Through this collaboration, they aspire to contribute to the development and improvement of educational practices, curriculum design, and pedagogical approaches in Islamic schools (madrasah) nationwide. The cooperation agreement marks an important milestone in the partnership between Jurnal MADRASAH and PD-PGMI, and it signifies their shared commitment to furthering knowledge and promoting excellence in the field of Islamic education.