PGMI UIN Malang Fully Supports the Activities of PD-PGMI

PGMI UIN Malang – Solo, January 28-29, 2023 – The Inauguration of the PD-PGMI Board for the 2022-2027 period was held at Sahid Jaya Hotel in Solo on January 28-29, 2023. The event was attended by representatives of PGMI lecturers from various regions in Indonesia, including the appointed PD-PGMI board members who received their official appointment letters.

On January 28, 2023, the meeting commenced with an opening speech by the Secretary of PD-PGMI, Dr. Ahwy, M.Pd., who outlined the two-day agenda. This was followed by the signing of a cooperation agreement (PKS) between the PGMI programs and PD-PGMI, led by the Chairman of PD-PGMI, Dr. Andi Prastowo, M.Pd. In the evening, the Inauguration of the PD-PGMI Board took place at 19:30 local time. The inauguration ceremony was officiated by the Chairman of ISPI (Indonesian Association of Education Scholars), Prof. Dr. Solehuddin, M.Pd., MA, with the official appointment letter read by the Secretary of ISPI, Prof. Dr. H. Ahman, M.Pd.

Following the inauguration, a seminar was held with the theme “Challenges of Primary Education Programs (MI/SD) in the Global Era to Strengthen the Vision and Mission of PD-PGMI in Supporting the Higher Education System.” The first speaker was the Chairman of ISPI, followed by the Secretary of ISPI, and concluded by the Chairman of the PD-PGMI Board. The seminar lasted until 23:00 local time.

On January 29, 2023, the activities began at 08:00 local time. During this session, all board members were grouped according to their respective job descriptions. The activities started with speeches and presentations by the Chairman of PD-PGMI, who outlined the vision and mission for the next five years. The vision set by the PD-PGMI board is to become an excellent, character-driven, competitive, and well-connected organization of PGMI lecturers in the Southeast Asian region by 2027. The mission of PD-PGMI for the period of 2022-2027 includes collaborating to improve the quality of the PGMI program, accelerating the development and mentorship of PGMI lecturers, and increasing the welfare of PD-PGMI members through the PGMI Cares program. The event concluded at 11:30 local time. All the work plans of each division were presented in a Google sheet, making them accessible to all members.

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