PGMI UIN Malang Recognize the Importance of Establishing Strong Communication with Alumni to Support Final-Year Students in becoming Professional Teachers.

PGMI UIN Malang – April 5, 2023 – PGMI UIN Malang recognizes that becoming a teacher is one of the primary career paths for PGMI UIN Malang graduates. In an event titled “Sinau Bareng PGMI #5 Sharing Alumni: Opportunities for Future Teachers – PPG Prajabatan,” PGMI UIN Malang invited alumni who had successfully passed and become students of the Teacher Professional Education Program (PPG) at various universities in Malang. The target audience for this event was the 2019 batch of students who are in the final stages of their studies and preparing themselves for the next level, including becoming teachers.

The guest speakers for the event were alumni from different batches of PGMI UIN Malang, including Nurlytha Virlyani, M.Pd (Class of 2010), Ina Mutmainnah, M.Pd (Class of 2015), Yusril Wahid, M.Pd (Class of 2016), and Fadhylatul Istiqomah, S.Pd (Class of 2017). They shared their experiences and insights about the Teacher Professional Education Program they are currently undergoing. The speakers also provided tips and tricks on how to pass the selection process for admission to PPG programs at supporting universities for PPG Prajabatan. According to some of the 2019 batch students who participated in the event, they found the “Sinau Bareng PGMI #5” event to be very important. Many of them gained new insights and considered pursuing further education after completing their undergraduate studies. They appreciated the valuable information they received about PPG Prajabatan through the event held on Wednesday, April 5, 2023.