Tips and Tricks to Successfully Pass the PPG Prajabatan (Teacher Professional Education)

During the event “Sinau Bareng PGMI #5 Sharing Alumni Peluang Guru Masa Depan: PPG Prajabatan” (Learning Together with PGMI #5: Alumni Sharing Future Teacher Opportunities: PPG Prajabatan), alumni shared some tips and tricks they used to pass the PPG Prajabatan selection. Here are the tips and tricks from PGMI UIN Malang alumni:

  1. Administrative Selection

a. Make sure your name is NOT listed in DAPODIK or SIMPATIKA databases.
b. Prepare necessary documents (diploma, transcripts, photos).
c. Practice and get used to writing essays with the required word count.
d. Formulate visionary goals.
e. Keep a copy of the written essay for interview preparation to ensure consistent answers.
f. Be meticulous when filling in data.

  1. Substantive Test (Literacy, Numeracy, and Subject Matter)

a. Practice a lot of AKM (Academic Potential Test) questions.
b. Practice quickly comprehending story-based questions.
c. Create a Google Drive folder for collecting practice questions.

  1. Interview Test

a. Provide answers consistent with the essay.
b. Answer questions confidently, clearly, and in accordance with the question.
c. Ensure a secure internet connection.
d. Interview test indicators:

  • Building positive working relationships
  • Coaching
  • Compelling communication
  • Continuous learning
  • Decision making
  • Ethical maturity
  • Managing work
  • Mission/purpose
  • Resilience
  • Valuing differences

These are some of the tips shared by alumni who have successfully passed the PPG Prajabatan. May they be beneficial for others, Ameen.