Closure and Withdrawal of Teaching Assistance Students at MIN 4 Jombang

PGMI UIN Malang – Jombang, June 7, 2023 – UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang students in the Teaching Assistance Program at MIN 4 Jombang held a Closing Ceremony/Withdrawal of Teaching Assistance Students for the academic year 2023. The event took place at MIN 4 Jombang. The closing ceremony/withdrawal of teaching assistance students began at 10:00 AM with an agenda that included an opening session, a recitation of the Quran, speeches by the Field Supervisor (Ms. Nuril Nuzulia, M.Pd) and the Deputy Head of the Madrasah (Ust. M. Ali Gufron, M.Pd.I). These speeches served as expressions of appreciation and recognition for the students’ dedication and efforts in participating in the Teaching Assistance Program at MIN 4 Jombang.

The teaching assistance program at MIN 4 Jombang has reached its closure, and the participating students have been withdrawn from their teaching assignments. This marks the end of their teaching assistance activities at the school. The closure and withdrawal process were conducted in an organized manner, ensuring a smooth transition for both the students and the school. A formal closing ceremony was held to acknowledge the contributions of the teaching assistance students and express gratitude for their dedication and efforts.

During the ceremony, speeches were delivered by the school administration and teachers, highlighting the positive impact of the teaching assistance program on the students’ academic progress and overall learning experience. The students were commended for their commitment, enthusiasm, and support in the classroom. Certificates or tokens of appreciation were presented to the teaching assistance students as a gesture of recognition for their valuable contribution to MIN 4 Jombang. The certificates serve as a testament to their successful completion of the program and the skills they have acquired during their teaching assignments.

The students were also encouraged to reflect on their experiences as teaching assistants and the lessons they have learned. The closing ceremony provided an opportunity for them to express their gratitude to the school, teachers, and fellow students for their support and cooperation throughout the program. As the teaching assistance program concludes, both the school and the teaching assistance students will continue to benefit from the knowledge, skills, and relationships developed during this period. The students will carry their teaching experiences with them as they pursue their future endeavors, while the school will continue to provide quality education to its students. The closure and withdrawal of teaching assistance students at MIN 4 Jombang mark the successful culmination of their engagement and the positive impact they have made in the school community. It is a moment of appreciation and reflection on the shared commitment to education and the collaborative efforts to enhance the learning environment.

The closing ceremony of the Teaching Assistance Program for students at MIN 4 Jombang in 2023 marks the end of their participation in the program. During the ceremony, a symbolic gift in the form of a Vandel was presented by the Field Supervisor to the school representatives. The closure of the Teaching Assistance Program signifies the successful completion of the students’ engagement and their valuable contributions to MIN 4 Jombang. The Vandel, as a memento, serves as a token of appreciation and a symbol of the partnership between the university and the school.

This ceremony not only recognizes the efforts and dedication of the students but also strengthens the bond between UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang and MIN 4 Jombang. It highlights the collaborative effort in enhancing the quality of education and providing support to the school community.

The exchange of the Vandel represents the transfer of knowledge, experiences, and goodwill from the university to the school, fostering a continued relationship for future collaborations and mutual growth. Overall, the closing ceremony of the Teaching Assistance Program at MIN 4 Jombang in 2023 was a significant event that marked the culmination of the students’ involvement and showcased the positive impact they have made in the school community