Teaching Assistance Program Concludes, Teaching Assistance Students at MI NU Tratee Putera Gresik are Withdrawn

PGMI UIN Malang – Gresik, June 8, 2023 – Students participating in the Teaching Assistance program at MI NU Tratee Putera Gresik have been called back. All students from the Faculty of Education and Teacher Training participate in this activity, and they are divided into groups. The divided groups are then assigned to various primary schools (MI) and elementary schools (SD) in several cities and regencies, one of which is Kabupaten Gresik. In Kabupaten Gresik, PPMI (Islamic Education Study Program) students engage in Teaching Assistance activities at MI NU Tratee Putera Gresik


The Teaching Assistance program at MI NU Tratee Putera Gresik has officially concluded, and the participating students in the Teaching Assistance program have been withdrawn. This signifies the end of their teaching assignments at the school. The conclusion of the Teaching Assistance program was marked by a formal process in which the students were formally withdrawn from their teaching responsibilities. The school and university administration coordinated the process to ensure a smooth transition for both the students and the school.


During the withdrawal process, a closing ceremony may have been conducted to acknowledge the efforts and contributions of the Teaching Assistance students. The ceremony provided an opportunity to express gratitude to the students for their dedication and hard work in supporting the teaching and learning activities at MI NU Tratee Putera Gresik. Certificates or tokens of appreciation may have been presented to the Teaching Assistance students as a recognition of their valuable contributions to the school community. The certificates symbolize the successful completion of their teaching assignments and the skills they have acquired during their involvement in the program.


As the Teaching Assistance program concludes, both the students and the school will reflect on the experiences gained and the positive impact made during this period. The students will carry their teaching experiences with them as they continue their academic and professional journeys, while the school will continue to provide quality education to its students. The withdrawal of Teaching Assistance students from MI NU Tratee Putera Gresik marks the successful completion of their engagement and the positive influence they have had on the school community. It signifies the shared commitment to education and the collaborative efforts to enhance the learning environment.

The Teaching Assistance program is an opportunity or platform for students to practice and apply the knowledge and theories they acquire in their academic studies. Through this program, students have the chance to not only understand the theoretical concepts but also immerse themselves directly in real-life teaching situations. It serves as a practical means for students to sharpen their skills and apply the knowledge they have gained in the classroom. By participating in the Teaching Assistance program, students can gain firsthand experience and become familiar with the actual conditions and situations they may encounter in the field.

For a duration of 3 months, students from UIN Malang carried out the Teaching Assistance program at MINU Tratee Putera Gresik, and it proceeded smoothly.