To Enliven the Guest Lecture 2023, the SSBM PGMI UIN Malang Showcased a Traditional Dance Called “Galuh Pambuko,” Accompanied by Traditional Music from The Region.

PGMI UIN Malang – Malang, June 9, 2023 – In welcoming Dr. Andi Prastowo, M. Pd.I, who came from Yogyakarta, SSBM PGMI showcased the dance “Galuh Pambuko” as a symbol of welcoming the guest. This dance is performed to greet important guests from other regions. The dancers, who are also part of the Sanggar Seni Bina Madrasah (SSBM), were accompanied by traditional music played by SSBM students.

To liven up this event, the students have been practicing diligently as part of their preparations. This is done to ensure that they can deliver a performance of the highest quality in front of the guests.

Sanggar Seni Bina Madrasah (SSBM) serves as a platform for students who have talents and interests in the field of arts. Under the guidance of Joko Prihatin Gusindra, S. Pd., M. Pd., SSBM PGMI successfully presented beautiful performances of traditional music and dance. Dr. Muhammad Walid, M.A., the Vice Dean I, expressed tremendous appreciation in his opening speech on Friday, June 9. Dr. Walid hopes that SSBM will continue to grow and bring honor to PGMI UIN Malang.