Guest Lecture in PGMI Program Emphasizes Maximizing Innovative Learning Media in the Independent MI/SD Curriculum

PGMI UIN Malang – PGMI UIN Malang organized a Guest Lecture on Friday, June 9, 2023, at the Auditorium on the 4th floor of the Saintek Building, UIN Malang. The event, themed “Innovative Learning Media in the Independent Curriculum for MI/SD,” featured Dr. Andi Prastowo, M. Pd. I, a lecturer from PGMI UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta and also the Chairman of PD-PGMI Indonesia, as the speaker, and Nuril Nuzulia, M. Pd. I, as the moderator. The event was attended by PGMI lecturers from UIN Malang and all PGMI students from the 2021 and 2022 cohorts. The Guest Lecture aimed to explore innovative approaches and strategies for integrating learning media in the context of the Independent Curriculum for MI/SD. Dr. Andi Prastowo, with his expertise in the field, shared insights and practical examples of utilizing various media tools to enhance teaching and learning experiences. The lecture provided valuable information on how to adapt and implement innovative learning media to cater to the needs and interests of MI/SD students effectively.

Nuril Nuzulia, as the moderator, facilitated the session by engaging participants in discussions and ensuring a productive exchange of ideas. The event created an opportunity for PGMI students and faculty members to gain knowledge, exchange perspectives, and explore new possibilities in utilizing media for effective teaching and learning in MI/SD classrooms. By organizing this Guest Lecture, PGMI UIN Malang demonstrated its commitment to providing a platform for professional development and fostering innovation in the field of Islamic education. The event aimed to equip PGMI students with the necessary knowledge and skills to leverage innovative learning media and contribute to the enhancement of educational practices in MI/SD schools.


During the event, Dr. Andi addressed three key points. First, he discussed the Independent Curriculum and the Challenges of Quality Education in MI/SD. He then proceeded to talk about the Guidelines for the Independent Curriculum in Schools/Madrasahs, and concluded with a session on Innovative Learning Media within the Independent Curriculum for MI/SD. Towards the end of the session, Dr. Andi provided participants with an opportunity to create a video-based media using artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

The participants’ enthusiasm was palpable, not only because it was their first experience but also due to the exceptional delivery of the material by the outstanding speaker.