After 3 Months, The Students Participating in the Teaching Assistance Program at MIN 2 Kota Malang were Recalled by their Academic Supervisors (DPL).

PGMI UIN Malang – Malang, June 9, 2023 – The Teaching Assistance program at MIN 2 Kota Malang, conducted by PGMI students, has been completed. On Friday, June 9, 2023, a closing event was held, and the students were recalled by their field supervisors, Mr. Dwi Masdi Widada, M.Pd, who represented UIN Malang in the student recall process. The Teaching Assistance program took place from March 13 to June 6, 2023. Additionally, the Head of MIN 2 Kota Malang, Mr. Nanang Sukmawan, S.S.Pd.M.Pd.I, along with the leaders and teachers of MIN 2 Kota Malang, were also present.

In his speech, the Head of MIN 2 Kota Malang expressed his gratitude to Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University (UIN Malang) for their willingness to establish a partnership that allowed MIN 2 Kota Malang to serve as a place for students to apply their knowledge as future teachers. He also stated that MIN 2 Kota Malang is always ready to collaborate and welcome teaching assistant students from UIN Malang in the future. He encouraged the students who participated in the Teaching Assistance program to make use of the knowledge and experiences gained at MIN 2 Kota Malang. He expressed his hope for continuous cooperation and collaboration, envisioning MIN 2 Kota Malang as a learning environment for UIN Malang students.

Next, a speech was delivered by the field supervisor, Mr. Dwi Masdi Widada, M.Pd. He expressed his gratitude to MIN 2 Kota Malang for their willingness to guide the students in acquiring knowledge at the school. He also requested permission from the madrasah to recall the students, as the Teaching Assistance program for the students had come to an end.

After the speeches were delivered, the event of recalling the teaching assistant students reached its conclusion. The ceremony included the cutting of a traditional cone-shaped rice dish called “tumpeng” and the presentation of souvenirs to MIN 2 Kota Malang, followed by a group photo session. This event marked the end of the Teaching Assistance program for the students at MIN 2 Kota Malang.