Rumah Media of PGMI UIN Malang Organizes a 6-Day Training

PGMI UIN Malang – Malang, June 12, 2023 – The Rumah Media of PGMI UIN Malang recently conducted a comprehensive 6-day training program. This training aimed to equip students with essential media skills and enhance their capabilities in various aspects of media production and communication. Throughout the training program, students received hands-on training and guidance from experienced media professionals. The training covered a wide range of topics, including media planning, content creation, video production, graphic design, social media management, and effective communication strategies.

The 6-day training provided students with a deep understanding of media principles, techniques, and best practices. They were able to gain practical experience by working on real-world media projects and assignments. The training also emphasized the importance of ethical media practices and responsible content creation. The Rumah Media of PGMI UIN Malang aimed to empower students to effectively use media platforms and technologies to convey information and messages in an engaging and impactful manner. The training fostered creativity, critical thinking, and effective communication skills among the students. By organizing this comprehensive training program, the Rumah Media of PGMI UIN Malang demonstrated its commitment to providing students with practical skills and knowledge that are relevant to the media industry. The program not only enhanced their media competencies but also prepared them for future careers in media-related fields.Overall, the 6-day training conducted by the Rumah Media of PGMI UIN Malang was a valuable opportunity for students to develop their media skills and broaden their understanding of media production and communication. The knowledge and experiences gained from this training will undoubtedly benefit their academic and professional pursuits in the media field.