PGMI UIN Malang Visits PGMI UIN Purwokerto for Benchmarking on LAMDIK Accreditation

PGMI UIN Malang – Purwokerto, June 16, 2023 – A delegation from PGMI UIN Malang recently visited PGMI UIN Purwokerto for a benchmarking activity related to LAMDIK accreditation. The purpose of this visit was to learn from the experiences and practices of PGMI UIN Purwokerto in the accreditation process. During the benchmarking activity, the delegation from PGMI UIN Malang had the opportunity to interact with faculty members and administrators from PGMI UIN Purwokerto who were involved in the accreditation process. They exchanged information and insights regarding the LAMDIK accreditation standards, criteria, and evaluation procedures.

The benchmarking activity allowed the delegation from PGMI UIN Malang to observe and learn about best practices in curriculum development, faculty management, quality assurance, and other aspects relevant to the LAMDIK accreditation process. The exchange of ideas and experiences fostered a collaborative learning environment for both institutions. By benchmarking with PGMI UIN Purwokerto, PGMI UIN Malang aimed to identify areas for improvement in their own accreditation process and gain insights into successful strategies and practices. This visit provided valuable insights and guidance to help strengthen their accreditation readiness and enhance the quality of their program.

The visit to PGMI UIN Purwokerto served as a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration between the two institutions. It demonstrated the commitment of both institutions to continuously improve the quality of their PGMI programs and strive for excellence in LAMDIK accreditation.Overall, the benchmarking activity with PGMI UIN Purwokerto was a valuable learning experience for PGMI UIN Malang. The insights gained will inform their ongoing efforts to meet LAMDIK accreditation standards and provide high-quality education in PGMI